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Testimonials from Clients

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April 21, 2011

Just a  short note of thanks to you Peter for recently helping me re-tune my two handed casting skills for my upcoming filming season of The New Fly Fisher. I have taught single handed casting for a number of years and have witnessed some of the best teachers in the business. I would like you to know you rank with the best I've seen. Your easy going style allowed me to relax right away. Your language was clear and concise yet not too technical that I had trouble understanding. You worked with my body type, understanding that we are not all built the same way. Your overall knowledge and approachability are exceptional. My casting was much improved by this one session alone. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to learn two handed casting. Well done my friend.

Kindest regards

BIll Spicer
F.F.F. Master Certified Casting Instructor
Host of The New Fly Fisher Show

If you want to learn how to cast a fly rod, single-handed or double-handed, correctly, Peter Charles is the instructor you want.
I have known Peter for a long time.
When I wanted to learn how to cast my double-handed Spey rod there was no one else that I would consider to teach me.

Peter's keen eye for detail and observation can pin point where you are having difficulty and within minutes he will customize his teaching style to fit your needs. Your casting will improve immediately and your line will sail out further and more accurately than you could ever imagine!

He has an easy, laid back approach.
You will never feel pressured or frustrated when you’re on the water with Peter.
I promise that you will have a really great, fun time.
Because above all else, Peter is one of the nicest, kindest guys you will ever meet.

Thanks Peter!

John Hoffmann
Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor  
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from Mike Padilla's blog

In an effort to save money I decided that I could teach myself how to cast and with the help of others find a line system that would work for me. I listened to a lot of self proclaimed experts. It wasn’t that they didn’t know what they were talking about, or that they didn't have good intentions. It was that they knew what worked for them, and they tried to convince me that this would also work for me. I was bombarded with terms like Skagit, Scandi, Grain weight, and the pros and cons of one line system vs another; all with a biased undertone because most of them believed their method was the best. Without any hesitation I purchased the running line and shooting head, and just like that I was off to the races. I fished that particular system for couple of months and had another friend give me some on stream instruction. For a little while things went well but the more I fished the more disappointed and disillusioned I became with my fly rod. Many different line systems were purchased over the course of a year in all grain weights imaginable, and nothing seemed to work. They never really casted quite right and I struggled and stumbled my way through my fishing season.

Consequently the rod became something that represented frustration and a lot of time and money wasted. I put it away and forgot about it for the better part of a year. I contemplated cutting my losses and selling it,or just leaving it there in the closet to collect dust. Before I made any one of these decisions I contacted Peter Charles a certified spey casting instructor who operates I explained my dilemma to him and he was confident he had a solution for me. In a last ditch effort to get it right I decided to invest in some professional instruction. Right away I noticed a difference in his approach. He asked me things like; what my experience level was, and what was my intended use for this rod. From there he was able to determine what different line systems we could use and what they could offer me.We met up a few days later on a quiet piece of river in the early morning. After a short tutorial on what he had put together for me, we took my rod down to the river. We went through a few basic casts and then he put me to work. After a few casts and some adjustments to my casting stroke I could not believe that this was the same rod that had me so frustrated months before. Slowly but surely my casting got better and the excitement that I once felt about this piece of equipment starting coming back. Through out my lesson many small adjustments were made to my casting stroke and the dynamics of how the whole system works together was explained to me. Peter was extremely patient and knew exactly when to provide some constructive criticism. I left the river with a new found sense of confidence, that finally all my equipment was working together and that I had the basic building blocks to become a proficient spey caster.

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Thanks for the instruction, we covered a wide range of topics and as requested, and you added comments on self diagnostics that I can use to keep my TH casting up to par.
I was also impressed with your attention to detail, not only in observations of casting faults, you did a superb job in explaining why something had to be done in a particular way.
All in all, it was truly a Professional job and I would recommend your services without hesitation.

Rodney Priddle
NEC Secretary & Past President
IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

My partner and I had an exceptionally positive experience with Peter on the water.  As beginner and novice level spey casters, Peter was able to present techniques and concepts in a simplified way allowing his background in adult instruction to shine through.  He was able to fine-tune aspects of both my casting and swinging technique that will undoubtable contribute to less frustration and more future hookups on the water.  Thank you!

Hi Peter
Thank you.
I wanted you to know I really had a great day. I learnt a lot, especially What Not To Do!
I found your persistence very rewarding and I now have two methods to cast which I feel confident that with practice, I will be able to master in fairly short order.
When I got home my wife asked me to accompany her to a fruit and vegetable stand where she purchased a 50lb sack of potatoes! Normally after 4 hrs fishing I would say No F------g way, but you know what, I lifted and carried the bag down to the basement fairly easily!
So I authorize you to utilize this comment in your literature!
“Peter Charles casting lessons will achieve your goals and you will still be able to sling a 50lb bag of Spuds afterwards!”
Tight Lines and regards – Doug Steward.
Hello Peter

Thank you for the lesson today.  I really learned a great deal, and as I said to you earlier, you pointed out things to me that no one has ever mentioned before.  I very much appreciate your analytical style and willingness to be honest and helpful.  I will get at the homework right away.

Robert James
Good evening Peter, I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday. I found your Spey casting course very informative and interesting Your teaching was superb I was never bored ,your down to earth and would recommend you to anyone trying to get in this way of fishing , I will also be e mailing Ray about how an outstanding job you did and he should keep you as the instructor in Spey and Fly casting .Again THANK YOU p.s now to browse your site I know I will find interesting things take care Bob 
Thanks, Peter. I agree it was a great session. I feel much better on my right handed spey and now need to work on the left. But I know what to do and how to practice the doubles, circle and snake. I’ll leave the 10wt sinking tips until I master the former!
Thanks very much for all the help. You are a great instructor and have an excellent talent of being able to diagnose the faults.
I will visit Rob again this week for the Airflo Rage 540.  

A follow up note to say thanks for the excellent spey lesson today. I learned a ton!

First off, you've got a great teaching style. I loved your sense of humor & how you injected it in very smart ways to drive important points home. Things like '
why are you watching the rod tip when the danger end is over there' will stick with me forever.

Some of the subtle things, like casting with the body rather than arms totally changed how the rod loaded. Can't imagine how many years it would have taken me to find that on my own! Really looking forward to heading to the Thames to work on that more tomorrow.

I'm still chuckling about our rigs. We hadn't even walked from my truck to your car this morning when you'd already figured out they were both wrong. I was blown away with your expertise for matching sink tips to skagit heads & having the feel to know when to run a 25 footer & when to pull out the 23 footer... and you put a combination in George's hands that he definitely wouldn't have thought to use.

I have to say I found it extremely refreshing the way you helped us develop the critical parts of the casts while building on our own personal styles rather than forcing us to clone a cookie cutter casting stroke... working with my '
Snap T' to avoid it becoming a 'Snap Tip' was a perfect example... again a humorous point that will make me think every time before I make that cast.

But perhaps what impressed me most is that our casting lesson wasn't just a casting lesson. You shared knowledge on a whole system to make our casting far more enjoyable while improving our chances of catching fish. Great stuff!

I'm going to put some more practice time in on the Circle & Double Spey casts & then try to book some time with you while George is in BC. It would be great to review those with you after some practice & maybe make an initial foray into the poke & snake roll casts with your help.

Thanks Again!
Paul Currie

Thanks for a great day!

I learn so much each time we talk & I very much appreciate your tips to improve my casting. Amazing how quickly you spot the issues & implement straight forward approaches to address them.

Also really enjoyed the time you took to discuss fishing methods. I really want to become a good caster but it's mostly so I can become a more effective fisherman. Your line control is just amazing! Add your understanding of tips & fly design for depth control & its no surprise you're catching fish when others can't.

I just got home. I stopped at my casting spot on the Thames & spent ~ 3 hours working on the things we covered. Standing in the centre of the river gives me about 65' to each shore. Certainly not every cast is perfect, but, for the first time, I could consistently hit either shore with dominant-hand & cack-hand casts. I was so pumped when I finally came off the water.

There was a very strong upstream wind, so I started with mostly C-Spey casts. It seems my natural cack-hand motion has that little lift or push you were helping me with on the right side. Rotating bank-to-bank with my casts really started help me work on that little motion with my right hand.

Conditions were perfect for the Perry Poke. I did a bunch of those as well. What a neat cast! Thanks so much for showing me that one. Nice to have another option to deal with upstream wind.

Interestingly, I found my motion with this cast seemed to avoid the issue I was having on my right side earlier this morning. I doubt this happened naturally. I think your training to watch the rod tip & working on that subtle little lift / push is starting to sink in.

I had a lot of fun working on a new cast with a better understanding of the fundamentals. I even turned the other way & tried to work out a cack-hand version of the poke to the opposite bank. Not sure if that's an FFF-sanctioned cast, but it seemed to work.

The upstream wind was too strong for me to feel comfortable trying the downstream poke but I'll try it next time conditions are better. Should be fun. It seems to have real potential to wrap myself up like The Mummy if I mess it up...

Sorry for the long note but I wanted you to know how helpful our time was today.


Hope all is well at your end. Following your instruction, I'm still working on my casting in the Thames every chance I get. I still have a lot of work to do on my casting. It seems to come & go for some reason (especially when I'm tired), but thanks to your help, I'm able to hit fishy looking water most of the time.

Earlier this week, I finally had the chance to get out on the Maitland to put some of that practice to work. I'm really happy that you were able to take some time from casting to talk about presentation. As a result, I'm looking at & approaching water much differently with my spey rod than I did with my center pin or even single handed fly rods.

Based on your coaching, I had an unbelievable time earlier this week. I was absolutely thrilled to catch & release my first steelie on a swung fly & managed to go 3-for-4 over the course of fishing Mon & Tues.

For some reason it feels extra thrilling to catch & release these beautiful fish using spey equipment & techniques. In one hole I caught a fish when center pinners went fishless. Thanks to your coaching, I fished in a spot that I wouldn't normally & they walked right past. I can't thank you enough for such a great introduction into this sport.

I hope to get out a few more times with this gorgeous fall weather & I'll warn you now that I'll need to see you in the spring for more tuning on my casting.

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the enjoyable morning of spey instruction, I had a great time and do feel that I am making progress(If a little slowly). I will be working on eradicating "the chop " at the first possible opportunity!
Did you manage to pick up any fish after I left, I would have loved to have joined you for an hour
Maybe another time.
I would really appreciate it if you could let me have the information that you offered, concerning river access points.
Thanks once again,      Bob.
Hello Peter,

Just a short note of thanks for helping me with my spey casting today.

Your relaxed manner and concise method of communication made it easy for me to improve my spey casting.  The concepts of closing my stance, slowing down, eliminating slack in the system, and using my body and not my arms to control the cast made a huge difference in the resulting cast.  All of a sudden it just clicked!  Wow!
I appreciate you tailoring the instruction to my needs and not attempting to change my casting stroke drastically.
If anyone is looking for a casting instructor I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Thank you again,

Best Regard
Steve Vizniowski
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