The science and experience behind my courses:
Casting Instruction

Instruction for beginners can be so valuable in preventing casting errors from becoming lifelong habits. For the average Spey caster, instruction can be a means to take their casting to the next level. For the accomplished Spey caster, it can be an opportunity to refine an already substantial skill set. Everyone can benefit from instruction at some point.

I don't know how we can emphasize more strongly that beginners start their Spey casting careers with instruction. Even better if they obtain instruction before buying their gear.

Our brains build new pathways when we learn a new physical skill. When we try to teach ourselves to Spey cast and we keep repeating the same casting error, we're building pathways in our brain on how to do it wrong. After the error has become entrenched, it will take a significant effort to undo, if at all. We’re better off building the pathways on how to cast correctly right from the outset.

If your looking for some casting instruction, please review my course list for one that suits you. You can book a course through email or contact me directly at 905-768-8010.


Casting courses can be arranged for both individuals and groups. I have all of the rods, reels and lines necessary for single hand or two hand casting instruction.

How my courses are put together

All of the courses follow the normal training course pattern of having a specific learning objective, a list of subjects to be covered, and expected outcomes. I’ve created courses to enable people to pick what suits them the best. It is far better for both the client and the instructor to go out on the water with a learning plan, rather than just simply wade out and start chucking line.

The ‘Basic’ level is for individuals with little to no Spey casting experience, or a self-taught individual who has had difficulty getting his/her casts to work for them. It also covers individuals who Spey cast only occasionally and need a skills refresher before going out on an expensive fishing trip.

The ‘Intermediate” level covers anglers who can Spey cast with reasonable proficiency, but want to improve on their skills, change/add casting styles or add a few more casts to their repertoire. These anglers should be able to fish well using Spey casts and be at the stage where they can concentrate on their fishing more than their casting.

The “Advanced’ level is for Spey casters who are quite proficient with their existing style and repertoire of casts. They would be looking for fine tuning help, that extra set of eyes that can spot the small things that can make a difference. This is a technical level where the client is expected to be proficient with a number of casts on both sides of the body.

While the courses have structure, there’s plenty of opportunity for flexibility for this is no “one size fits all” approach. Each session will begin with a discussion of what the client wishes to gain from the course, their prior fishing and casting experience, as well as where they want their fishing to go in terms of skills. Each course will be shaped around building on the client’s existing skills and knowledge, adapted to their physiology and expectations.