My training and fly fishing background:

My training experience started in 1979 when I took up a position that involved training small business owners. From there I moved on to designing, writing and producing training courses plus teaching management, small business subjects and computer courses. From 1988 until I retired in 2011, I remained involved with training, coaching and mentoring in IT.

The skills that I have developed through extensive experience in training adults, are easily transferable to the world of Fly and Spey casting instruction. Adults learn differently than children and the simple, rote training methods used for children do not have the staying power of appropriate adult oriented training methods. The training of adults is termed andragogy and I use this approach to ensure that my Fly or Spey casting instruction is relevant to the client and the value of the instruction persists long after the course is over. I do not use the simple rote methods of brute force repetition and I ensure that whatever instruction is being given, it matches the expectations and the physiological capabilities of the client.

On the fly fishing side, I bought my first fly rod in 1969 and used it to chase bass until 1988 when I moved into trout country. In 1997, I purchased my first two-hander and taught myself to Spey cast with it. Along the way, I suffered all of the usual errors of the self taught. Back then, the Spey casting community in Southern Ontario was an exceedingly tiny one and instruction was in very short supply. This experience of struggling through the self-taught years, plus casting despite work related shoulder injuries, has made me acutely aware of the training needs of the newcomer to the sport.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated casting styles like some people collect tackle, so I can replicate and instruct on any style or subset of a style that the client may wish to learn.

I currently hold a Certified Casting Instructor qualification from the Federation of Fly Fishers.