Sunk Line Fishing

Fishing sinking lines isn't as difficult as you may expect and they can often be the ticket for outstanding days catching fish. Learn these easy methods to fishing sunk lines effectively.

Floating lines and sinktips are quite commonly used in the Great Lakes area, however sunk lines aren’t nearly as popular in large part as there is little opportunity to learn their use. This four hour course will concentrate on the various lifts available to clear a sunk line from the water and emphasis will be placed on avoiding the roll cast. We look at the roll cast as the last gasp option.

Fishing and controlling the full sinker is also a bit of a black art as the line can’t be seen during the swing. We will cover how to control the line during the swing, including initial mends, tension and rod position. We will also examine how to choose the best full sinker for the job at hand and how best to employ it.