Spey Casting Style Change

Did you get talked into adopting a Spey casting style that you don't like? This course is about learning to switch styles and fish with more enjoyment.

The challenge in changing casting styles for any experienced Spey caster, is that they are so proficient with their style, that it is sometimes difficult to unlearn it enough to allow a new style to be adopted. A typical example is the pause common in the backcast of a traditional Single Spey. When the experienced angler tries to learn the Sustained Anchor of Skagit casting, there’s a tendency to pause in the backcast, resulting in a loss of load. Our experienced caster knows the pause should not be there, but the body won’t obey that knowledge and continues to pause. The experienced Spey caster knows exactly how to execute the new cast, but the many years of casting a different style keep getting in the way.

This two or four hour course is a client directed one where we work on whatever component of the style change is producing difficulties. We work on developing little techniques that overcome the types of problems inherent in changing styles. The atmosphere is collegial rather than student-instructor oriented.