Skagit Spey Casting

Skagit Spey casting evolved in the Pacific Northwest to fish for steelhead using large flies and heavy sinktips. So if that is your game, learn this very effective Spey casting method.

In this four course, we will introduce the Skagit casts:

  • Perry Poke
  • Snap T or Circle Spey
  • Double Spey

The casts can be taught either using conventional WF short head Spey lines using conventional anchor technique, or the sustained anchor method with dedicated Skagit lines. The course will be taught with sinktips in place as this is primarily a sinktip style of fishing. The client should choose which style is best suited for them before the start of the course. If necessary, some time will be set aside in the beginning to discussing the styles and to make the choice. From there the course will proceed covering only one of the styles as it’s too confusing to try an alternate between the two.

To take this course, the client should be able to make at least two Spey casts with a degree of proficiency.