Refresher Spey Casting

If you can't get out to fish as much as you would like, this two or four hour course is for someone who needs to refresh their Spey casting
This two or four hour course is intended for someone who has done some Spey casting in the past, but hasn’t had much opportunity to use it and they need to refresh their skills. We will cover the same material as in the Basics course, but with an emphasis on building on what Spey casting abilities the client already possesses. This is also a good course for someone wishing to start casting with their non-dominant hand up (i.e. a righty casting left hand up). The course will include:

  • the fundamentals of Spey casting
  • the Switch cast
  • the Single Spey
  • the Double Spey
  • any other cast the student wishes to practice

By the end of the session, the client will be able to make these casts with reasonable proficiency.