Two-Hand Overhead Casting

Two-handed rods aren't just for Spey casting. Many of us use these rods to cast overhead whenever we have the room. Learn how to cast these rods overhead and be amazed by the distance you'll achieve.

This two hour course covers the various methods of making an overhead cast with a two-handed rod. Sounds simple in principle for an experienced single hand caster to do the same with a DH rod, however there are a number of techniques that make two hand overhead casting much more proficient. Overhead casting with two-handed rods is an often overlooked method, but it has many applications whenever there is the casting room.

We will cover overhead casting with any style of Spey line of the client’s choosing. If no style is chosen, we will gravitate to using shooting heads as these lines are the simplest to overhead cast well.

To take this course, the client should be able to make at least two Spey casts with a degree of proficiency.