Basics of Fly Fishing

I designed this course for the experienced conventional tackle angler who would like to learn to fly fish. You'll learn how fly fishing is readily adaptable to the fishing knowledge you already possess.
This four hour course is suitable for a conventional tackle angler who wishes to add fly fishing to his repertoire. The course will assume that the client has some fishing experience. By the end of the course, the client will be able to make casts at typical fishing distances using a standard trout fly rod. The client will also have basic knowledge on how to present a dry fly, nymph and streamer. The course will cover:
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Making fore and back casts (false casting)
  • Pick up and lay down of the fly line
  • Shooting line
  • Basics of loop control
  • Dry fly fishing
  • Wet fly fishing
  • Nymph Fishing
  • Streamer fishing

Trout fly rods, reels and lines will be supplied for the course, though the client is welcome to bring their own fly fishing tackle.